Warehouse Management

Operating a Tier-1 system

Tier-1 Warehouse
Management System

Our 3PL WMS platform is customized for you. It features automation and management of multiple channels of inventory throughout our facilities.

We provide all core warehouse handling and value-added services for supply chain management, such as unloading, receiving storage, stock control, inventory location tracking, order fulfillment, order picking, pick and pack processing, and shipping. Value-added processes include kitting, QA inspection, opportunistic cross-docking, multi-channel replenishment, and advanced order-to-shop product allocation.

Radio Frequency (RF) - Technology

Wireless devices used at every touch point enable our customers to view the status of the warehouse processes in real-time through a secure customer web portal.

Internet Based Event Tracking

From receipt to shipment, and everything in between, our secure web portal gives you real-time status updates at every stage of the process.

SKU Attributes

We are able to store over 200 attributes of product information, ensuring optimal processing for your product.

Bar Coding Labeling & Generation

We are flexible and able to adapt to your bar code labeling and generation needs. We can generate bar code labels and rework products as needed, such as replacing price tags/stickers.

Pick & Pack

We use a scan-pack process to ensure the most accurate pick and pack. Our WMS selects packing to be used based on cubic measurement, product type, and shipping service level.

Multiple Inventory Attributes

Product can be pulled from our locations using one or more storage attributes. First in-first out (FIFO), last in-first out (LIFO), expiry date, lot number, and serial number are the most common options used to determine when an item is pulled for fulfillment.

Product Substitution

Taylored can substitute products with alternatives when a product on an order is no longer in stock.

Physical Inventories & Cycle Counts

We develop an inventory control process that is designed for your business.

Multiple Pack Configurations For SKUs

Unit pick, Case in – Case Out, and Pallet in -Pallet out are a few examples of fulfillment Taylored provides. Products are stored in the WMS with sub-inner, inner, and standard master pack outs for pick optimization. We have the flexibility to store different UOM’s (unit of measures) for the same product throughout the facility.

Shipping Document Generation

Domestic, international, and custom shipping documentation is available.

Task Managing / Labor Optimization

Through our task-based WMS, tasks are pushed to our associates' devices on the floor to ensure continuous processing.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Reporting

Our self-service web portal is available to our customers for reporting. Online reports are available for analytics from receiving through shipping. For customers with more specific analytical needs, our in-house team is available to develop custom reports as needed.

Electronic Communication

Taylored supports SFTP/AS2/Web Services using different industry formats. JSON/XML and X.12 standards are the most common connections established with customers.

Weekly & Quarterly Report

Receive weekly updates on daily operations and quarterly business reviews on Taylored performance related to Order Cycle Time, OTIF, Fill Rate, Dock to Stock, and other key performance indicators.

Consult a Specialist

We focus on high performance, continuous growth, and a customer focused ideology for a supply chain solution that meets all your needs.

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