Customer Care

We believe in creating lasting partnerships with our customers and our passion is to help you reach your goals

Your Success is Our Passion

At Taylored, we believe in ethical, sustainable business practices that we can proudly stand behind. You're more than a customer to us, you're a trusted partner and our goal is to create long-term relationships that help you reach your goals.

We're Here For You

With nearly 50 customer service team members, we're excited to be your successful partner. You can count on us to put as much care and passion into your business as you do. Here are just a few of the things you can expect from our team:

  • Dedicated team member available over an 11-hour period (to accommodate for east and west coast operations) that is expertly trained in the latest communication technology, business and training rules, customized applications, and most importantly, your product.
  • You'll be in the know, always. Your weekly scheduled calls will keep you updated on the daily operations of your business. Quarterly Business Report (QBR) will not only give you a breakdown of performance over the quarter, but offer valuable insights that can improve your operation.
  • We strive for efficiency. That's why our team members are always looking for ways to help you optimize your operation and, of course, cut down your costs.

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We focus on high performance, continuous growth, and a customer focused ideology for a supply chain solution that meets all your needs.

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