Integration & Technology

The connection between you and your customers

Efficient and Expert Integration

We specialize in integration, with extensive experience in EDI and APIs. Our in-house team manages e-commerce platforms, integrations, and ERP systems for you.

Warehouse Management System Platform

We leverage our robotics solutions to provide fast and reliable service for all of your e-commerce and DTC processing needs. Our bots use tote arrays designed for your business to ensure maximum throughput on each bot mission, resulting in reduced order cycle time and lower cost when compared to traditional cart-pick workflows.

Providing Visibility Across All Networks & Channels

Event tracker (eVT) will allow you to receive the most accurate and up to date data about inventory and orders. This allows flexibility to reply to customer demand in real-time. Our system provides real-time visibility into multiple channels and virtual inventories against a single physical inventory.

E-Commerce Optimized

We combine specialized e-commerce capabilities into our fulfillment. Event-pick modules allow for accurate, efficient picking and an integrated parcel carrier selection/optimization service provides you with real-time feedback on shipping costs. As an added bonus, we have specialized labeling, gift cards, and return label printing available at each of our facilities.

Prepared For High Demand

We have a fully redundant off-site backup for our warehouse management system secured and operated by Port Logistics Group. Your high volume surges will never affect shipping time.

Consult a Specialist

We focus on high performance, continuous growth, and a customer focused ideology for a supply chain solution that meets all your needs.

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