Warehouse Management System

Complete Warehouse Management Systems for the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) Industry

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Need a provider that has the necessary systems in place to get you to the next level?

The ever-changing demands of clients in need of Warehouse Management Systems within a 3PL company can be challenging at times and requires a knowledgeable provider, capable of handling jobs of any size. At Taylored Services, we operate a proven and effective Warehouse Management System for the consumer product goods (CPG) industry.

We provide advanced inventory systems and order management functionalities to include all core warehouse handling and value-added services for proper chain management, such as unloading, receiving storage, stock control, inventory location tracking, order fulfillment, order picking, pick and pack processing, and shipping. Value-added processes include kitting, QA inspection, opportunistic cross-docking, and advanced order-to-ship product allocation.

Our warehouse management software includes a wide variety of trusted and timesaving capabilities, including:

  • Real Time Radio Frequency (RF)
  • Internet based event tracking
  • SKU attributes (serial number, cube, dims, weight, stack heights, and standard pack quantities)
  • Bar coding labeling and generation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Multiple Inventory attributes (FIFO, LIFO etc.)
  • Multiple picking options including: Order, Line, Cluster, and Batch Picking
  • Back Order Substitution
  • Physical inventories and cycle counts
  • Multiple pack configurations for SKUs
  • Shipping document generation
  • Shipping document generation
  • Task managing/labor optimization
  • Extensive business intelligence reporting
  • Electronic communication
  • Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

Making sure each of our clients are satisfied is what we do best so that they can meet the needs of the customers they serve. Contact us today for more information on how you can take advantage of our Warehouse Management Systems.