The east coast is home to an eclectic range of manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce providers. With all the bustle and movement across the coast, a strong and reliable fulfillment provider is key. Taylored Services’s East Coast warehouse & fulfillment center is located in Iselin, NJ. From apparel manufactures to textile goods and electronic suppliers, we offer superb handling service for all your fulfillment needs.

Taylored Services is a full-service third party logistics center that specializes in wholesale, retail, and direct to consumer unit fulfillment. Clients can stay up-to-date with their merchandise every step of the way with our constantly updated internal insights. Leave your fulfilment needs to our dedicated professionals. With our guarantee, you’ll rest assured knowing we’re standing by your order throughout its entire journey.


All our distribution methods are completely scalable and expandable according to client’s pallet needs.

Merchandise is distributed directly to client with marginal to no storage period. Our services are reliable and fast to fit into your busy manufacturing schedule.

We take care of all process including the shifting of shipment from one means of transportation to the next.

Individual components from your order can be gathered from their master pallets and individually placed into their designated packaging. Save time with easy access and correctly organized items.

Pick Manufacturing On Demand (MOD) with 52,000 active facings.

We also provide ticketing, kitting, and vendor compliance.

East Coast Office

  • 33 South Wood Ave, Suite 600, Iselin, NJ 08830
  • Phone: 1.844.RING.TDF