How Millennials Can Help Keep Supply Chain Logistics Afloat

The Millennial’s Impact on Supply Chain Logistics

Each year, we’re seeing more and more Baby Boomers leave the work force and more specifically, the field of supply chain logistics. That means there is a tremendous need and opportunity for a younger generation to step in and lead the next wave of innovation within the supply chain industry. At Taylored Fulfillment Services, we believe that Millennials are primed to meet this demand. Tenacious, solutions-focused, and tech-savvy, the supply chain offers opportunity and fulfillment for the Millennial generation.

  1. Millennials Have the Right Mindset

For a worker to succeed in supply chain logistics, she or he needs to be creative, collaborative, quick-thinking, and confident in the face of challenges. This describes the best qualities of the Millennial generation.
Millennials have a unique ability to challenge the status quo that we haven’t seen in previous generations. They aren’t afraid to take risks and adopt new ideas. They’re also—not surprisingly—more apt to turn to technology to solve challenges.

  1. Millennials are “Smart”

Millennials have a world of information and technology at their fingertips. They’ve grown up with smartphones, tablets, and computers as standard household appliances. Having so much information so readily available also means they’re better able to process it and make deeply informed decisions quickly.
This ability crosses over into the workplace, where Millennials can access, analyze, and act on data in minutes, when previous generations may have required days or weeks. In fact, outdated technologies and inefficient processes that limit creativity and drive can often frustrate Millennials who crave forward momentum. However, they are quick to suggest new platforms and approaches that would make their supply chain organization more transparent, interactive, and customer-focused.

  1. Millennials Love Collaboration

In recent decades, education in this country has shifted from a competitive model to a more collaborative one. Teamwork has been a staple of Millennial’s education. They’re ready to listen to new ideas and explore all the options offered before coming up with the best solution. This makes Millennials perfect candidates for industries like supply chain logistics, where creating and maintaining partnerships are crucial for organizational success.

  1. Millennials Are Ready to Change the World

We see it every day. In social movements, political action, even in entertainment, Millennials want to make a difference in the world and aren’t about to let anyone tell them they can’t. That kind of drive is ideal for the supply chain industry.
Careers in the supply chain give Millennials the ability to implement solutions and see the quantifiable, data-driven results they desire. This fulfills their need for rewarding work that also benefits others (the end consumer).
How to Attract Millennials
If you’re ready to hire more Millennials, then you should know what they find attractive in employers.
Millennials look for ethical and inclusive companies that respect and value diversity, even viewing it as a competitive advantage. Millennials are drawn toward companies that provide rich career opportunities and allow them to explore various job functions, different areas of the business, and even locations. Supply chain organizations that invest in employees during every stage of their career and provide hands-on coaching, frequent assessments, and networking opportunities will have the best chance of appealing to the Millennial mindset.
Supply chain teams should jump at the opportunity to attract and maintain top Millennial talent. The supply chain logistics industry naturally cultivates the type of culture Millennials crave and gives them a platform to leverage their skills, knowledge, and creativity to achieve organizational and personal success.
If you’re in the process of seeking a new career in logistics or partner for your warehouse and fulfillment needs, then speak to Taylored Fulfillment Services. We’re a fully integrated third-party logistics provider specializing in wholesale, retail, and direct-to-consumer unit fulfillment. Established in 1992 and headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey, we operate 1.5 million square feet of warehouse and distribution space strategically located near the nation’s busiest ports, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, and New York.


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